Bluetti EB55 Review

The EB 55 is obviously a lot smaller than the larger AC200P, that spending a couple of weeks using it and come to appreciate its portability when compared to the larger unit. It’s more than sufficient to run one or two of one laptop simultaneously, considering that I’m not using them for more than a couple minutes at a time out of my car. There are a couple images attached picture power consumption of both laptops running at the same time, which I’ve only had to do a couple of times, it’s usually one laptop or the other.

When it comes to functionality and simplicity, the EB55 pretty much nails it. It did take a bit of getting used to because initially it almost seems too simple. There is no master upon an off button like the larger AC200P, simply turn on the function you need to use and that turns the entire unit on. There also isn’t an off button, it simply turns off after a preset amount of time of inactivity. Part of me likes that simplicity, while another part would prefer to have a master on and off button, but either way it’s very simple and easy to use once you get used to.

The only thing I would change is the addition of two additional slots on the AC to be able to use a grounded plug. Currently you can only use the three prong plug on the upper AC slots. It hasn’t been an issue yet, but I can foresee this being a possible issue in the future.
The charging port on the front of the unit having two separate inputs also makes it easier by not having to have adapters to use on a single type of port. Charging with the PV200 was simple and didn’t take long on a warm sunny day. It was averaging between 148W and 160W, which I think is good considering I plugged it into a dirty panel at the time.

Overall, the EB55 unit is very useful when having to power 120-volt devices in an older car that doesn’t have a built-in inverter. This is definitely going to become my in-vehicle power supply considering that I’m typically a call for four different radiology centers and need to be able to use my laptops at a moment’s notice.

Thanks for the great insight and useful real-world review. It appears to be a perfect portable solution for powering laptops and small devices.