Net Metering 3.0

Wasn’t sure about which particular topic to put this under but was hoping to get a consensus on what the vast majority of the solar installers on this forum thought about the recent / most likely changes are that are coming to California per Net metering 3.0.

I’m from Australia, so I’m not familiar with Net metering 3.0 but I’m interested to learn more about it. We have had “not-so-smart” Net metering for many years in most Australian states.

Here were are starting to see massive changes around solar exports and metering as the amount of rooftop solar generation is now greater than all other forms of generation. For example, In South Australia, rooftop solar can meet 100% of grid demand on specific days meaning solar inverters are being ramped down or shut off completely. Also, the Feed in tariffs are changing dramatically and during the afternoon, it drops to zero.