Solar Installed & On but not yet connected to smart meter, Please Help Answer My Question

Had solar installed over 6 weeks ago and they left it on, but waiting on Origin and SA Power to install smart meter. My question is does it use electricity, noticed my old meter is spinning round 30 times per minute.

Enjoy it while it lasts, look closely at your analogue meter. It is quite probably spinning backwards, thats how analogue meters work. They are effectively net meters, but on a dollar for dollar basis. There is no technical reason to change from analogue to digital, it is purely a business profit decision. Grid suppliers get paid for supplying electricity, retailers get paid for issuing a bill which is then on sold to the debt market?

Each time they came to replace my analogue meter I told them I was happy with the current meter, got a bit awkward a couple of times as the person replacing the meter is contractor working from a iPad task allocation system. They get paid for completing tasks quickly. He contacted the Vector (NZ back office company) they advised do as the customer requests. They eventually changed it while we were away on holidays. Wished I had padlocked the box…Final reading resulted in a 1k cheque from the retailer. Analogue meters are fair to the consumer just not profitable to electricity retailers. Having an analogue meter is effectively treating the grid as a battery, excess current to the grid during the day, draw from it each night. But at the same rate in and out.
Any body who wants a smart (digital) meter is dumb!

Thanks so much for answering my question, was getting worried I would end up with a whopper of an electric bill even before the solar was connected and no-one at electric or SA Power company could answer my question. Thanks Again, greatly appreciated.

It is a topic which the electricity industry does not want to have aired. Solar and analogue meter is a fantastic matchup. There is an electrical standard which ceases solar production when the 50Hz signal is lost by the inverter, supposedly to ensure anyone working on the line isn’t shocked by solar generated electricity. I I believe some solar providers have installed a relay which cuts the grid link but a battery system is needed to generate the 50Hz signal the inverter needs to release current to the household.

The simple answer is mandate a relay and allow the inverter to continue releasing available solar electricity to the household, which may or may not be sufficient for your needs, without the need for a battery system. When grid comes up relay opens relay opens and grid becomes available. Simple click!