MPPT PV low amp issue

Hello all I have 380watt Tesla solar panel and epever mppt. My solar panel stop working after 3,4 days. When I disconnect pv wire and reconnect then it’s work again. It’s show correct voltage but 0 amps and 0 watt please see the screenshot and help me to solve the issue. It’s difficult to connect and reconnect solar wires twice in week. 2 images. One show zero wattage and after disconnecting and reconnecting the panel work which is shown in the picture. Is this panel divodes issue or mppt issue

That is very strange. Is this happening on very days with high temperature? Maybe the MPPT is getting too hot. Do you have a disconnection switch or DC circuit breaker to help?

It’s happening after 3,4 days there is no issue or temperature my mppt supper upto 138v and 40A. My panel is 36v and 8,9Amp. Battery temperature is also 29C. I brought 200watt panel of my cousin to check with this Panel. If still same issue then it’s mean mppt issue. If didn’t happen again then solar panel divode or wire issue. Tomorrow I will change panel. but look like mppt issue. It’s pv power goes on stand by . At afternoon time

What type and size battery are you using? What are the battery charge settings? Does it have a maximum absorption charge time setting and a rebulk setting?

My battery is 280A 12v. Images attached of mppt controller sitting