Lemax LifePO4 battery

Shenzhen LEMAX New Energy Co., Ltd is a professional energy storage system solution provider .The products are widely serving various fields such as solar/wind energy storage, industrial equipment, UPS, base station energy storage, household energy storage, 5G, AGV, smart homes, new energy power and other industrial fields.

What is the Cost $ ?

Dear sir ,

The different models with different price ,kindly pls let me know your expected model .
Enclosed attached products catalog for your reference .

(Attachment LEMAX VRLA Battery Catalogue New - 202104.pdf is missing)

(Attachment LEMAX Lithium Catalog.pdf is missing)

LiFePO4 is common battery Technology.

It’s all about the Cost of the 10.24kWh Module you posted the image of $ ???
That will be a good starting point.

What about the cost of Product?