Jinko Panels with TV Antenna nearby

Hi all,

I will be having Jinko Panels installed in the new year.

I just realised that my TV antenna might be causing some shade on a couple of panels during the day.

Can you please advise me if i should be moving the antenna? Will it have a serious effect on the production?

I have attached the model of the panels.

Hi @tikelz, can you show us a pic of the roof?

thanks for your response.

Here is an image which might help with an opinion.
That roof with the antenna is north facing. So i will be doing panels on the same level of the antenna and the roof below (both north facing)

do you think i need to move the antenna elsewhere?

Apart from moving the panels to an area that perhaps won’t perform as well, you can use an optimised inverter such as Solar Edge which come with a 12 year warranty, which means each panel performs on it’s own merits. i.e. only shaded panels will underperform, of as I understand you can use a Tigo micro inverter to deal with any shaded panels.

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Hi @tikelz

As Frank says you can use optimisers (SolarEdge or Tigo), or micro inverters (Enphase), and that will minimise the impact of the antenna.

However, the antenna will still have an impact, albeit reduced. I would think it’s highly preferable to move the antenna, and open your options up. I think it will be cost affective to you.

Hope that helps.


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Hi @tikelz
Best you move the antenna to the south roof , beside the shading issue , the birds may come to it and make a mesh of it .move to the south if u can
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Shade can seriously affect production (it isn’t a factor of the area shaded).
Another option - if your inverter has two inputs you can split the panels ½ on the east facing and ½ west facing roofs.

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