JA Solar panel review | Mono PERC, half cell, poly


Interested to know which is the better set up.

Either the JA Solar JAM72S03 v Q Cells Maxx. Inverter will be Fronius Primo.

JA Panels $7394 after rebates for a 9.88kw system
Q Cells $7932 for a 9.24 kw

Thoughts and any help much appreciated.

Hi @Joe61

JA Solar offer a wide range of panels, the half cell mono PERC option that you have been quoted for is the pick of the bunch. You can read more about the PERC and half cut technology in our Solar Panel latest technology article, in which JA gets a mention.

Q Cells is probably a more reputable brand, and I would go for Q Cells in this case though.

Hope that helps


Thanks Marty, much appreciated.