Is it possible to setup a grid tied solar only PV system?

Is it possible to set up a grid tied solar only PV system? I can’t have battery storage system because of budgetary reason.

I have a school which have around 5kW load and I want to add an on-grid solar PV system to it. The problem is the grid is not reliable in my area and I don’t have the budget to have an off-grid solar system.

My question is would be it possible to have an on-grid solar PV system which can also work if there is a power outage in the grid. I understand that it is necessary to have an anti-islanding feature in the on-grid system, but would it be possible to disconnect the grid during the power outage and run the load on the solar PV only. Since the school doesn’t need any electricity during nighttime.

I looked in to Enphase IQ microinverters with their Envoy system, but I am not sure if they can work if the grid is not present