Is 180.80kWp solar plant what is needed to supply a required load of 154kW?

Hello friends,

I have a request for a solar project scaling for battery-powered forklift chargers with input powers of 10.54kW. The number of chargers are 10pcs.

Is it safe to scale to system by multiplying the input power of each charger by 10 and adding 20% extra panels for the job? That’s is; 10.54 x 10 = 154kW. 20% of 154kW = 30.80kW. The overall Wp of the solar plant becomes 154+30.8 = 184.80kWp for it to be able to charge all 10 forklifts at the same time.

Would I be right to quote 180.80kWp system for this job?

Sorry I made a mistake in the load summation. The total load is actually 10.54kW and not 154kW. The question remains can I be right suggesting 127kWp solar plant for the total load? Thanks

You’re estimation sounds roughly correct. If the load is 10.54kW x 10 chargers, taking into account losses then 150 to 180kW of PV will be required if all chargers are operating at the same time.

However, what is the location? The local climate and Peak Sun Hours (PSH) may need to be taken into account

Location is Tema, Ghana.

  • Sunrise time — 6:11:02 AM

  • Solar noon — 12:12:23 PM

*Sunset time — 6:13:44 PM

  • End twilight — 7:22:56 PM

The peak is usually 6 hours minimum. By 9am it would have peaked and continues through 3pm.