Hybrid system the best way

I have 12, 250W solar polycristaline, 36.18V, 8.17A panels connected in two strings , six panels in each string and all connected in 48V output. Then I have two 48V 60A solar regulators JYC GSC-F24/48v - 60A. Also, I have 400Ah battery bank 48V. The inverter is Pocasa On/Off PHS5KVA 48V + 50A PWM . What would be the best way to connect this system? Maybe someone has experiences with the similar or the same system?

Hi panda,

When you say hybrid system, are you planning on connecting this to the electricity grid, or is it a stand alone (off-grid) system? Have you started installing yet, have you got any diagram so far of how you intend to install? What region are you in?