High voltage and low amps output?

Hi, one of my sets of panels is putting out higher voltage, 130v, and lower amps, 9amps than the others, 102v and about 18 amps in full sun with an output of 560 watts vs about 1800 on the others. 130v is what all of them put out 1st thing in the morning. What’s the easiest way to test it? I’ve connected it to 2 different controllers and it’s about the same. I know it’s probably a stupid simple question, but that’s just me…the dog

There is a law that says that the lower the voltage, the higher the ampere / The higher the voltage, the lower the ampere

Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. I was wondering what the test is to find out why, the amperage is so low. I had tried testing all strings connected to the charge controller, then the panels individually, everything seemed normal. Maybe there was some dirt on the panels since the other day it started working normal again.