From CATL 12000 cycle long life LFP cell

The Fujian Jinjiang 100MWh energy storage power station pilot demonstration project is located in Anhai Town, Jinjiang City, the power load center of Fujian Province. The project started construction at the end of 2018, was connected to the grid for commissioning in January 2020, passed the preliminary acceptance in April 2020, and obtained the power business license (power generation) on May 8.

  1. The battery cell cycle life can reach 12,000 times.

  2. At present, the largest grid-side station-type lithium battery energy storage power station in China;

  3. Excellent power frequency regulation performance, far exceeding conventional frequency regulation units;

  4. It is the first independent grid-connected large-scale energy storage power station managed by a non-grid enterprise in China.

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That’s some very impressive results. Thanks for sharing. CATL cells seem to offer very high performance and low degradation.