Battery's number of cycles @100% DoD

I am looking for high quality GEL battery and most of them have 300-400 cycles @ 100% Depth of Discharge (DoD). I came across GEL battery that gives 1200cycles @100%, is that possible for new GEL technologies, as I was informed?

If you really want Performance, with a minimum 20’0000 Cycle Life @100% DOD ?
Then Invest in a Super Capacitor (SC) Energy Storage !

However their cost is around $900 per kWh.
So, 10kWh of SC Energy Storage Cost $9’000, with minimum 20’0000 cycle life, that is some 55+ Years!

Lead Acid/Gell is Cave Man Technology, but the Cheapest, followed by LiFePO4, all have a 10~15 year life span, NiFe Possibly 60+ Years and possibly longer with correct maintenance.

SC are said to be the Latest & Greatest !

I wonder if that is why Elon Musk Purchased Maxwell SC Manufacturer a few years back! :beer: