Best Inverter Placement

I am about to have a n install and the tech who came out wants to put the inverter on the West wall.
He said they could put a shade over it but I’m not sure that will work.
Admittedly the south wall has windows and is where the bedrooms are (noise from Fronius fan is a concern as have a person with medical issues.) I suggested East was but he said too far from fuse box, about 15 meters.
The West wall has neighbours house about 3 meters away and get afternoon sun, I’m concerned.
Any real advice appreciated.


Hi @Buddah

If placed on the west wall it should have more than just a shade cover. It would need a shield to protect the inverter as the sun moves down in the afternoon. (A top shade will not be enough).

The Fronius inverters do have a very good active cooling (fan forced) system but it’s always better to locate in a protected location or shield it from the sun. Some shade mesh could also help.