Best Inverter Placement

I am about to have a n install and the tech who came out wants to put the inverter on the West wall.
He said they could put a shade over it but I’m not sure that will work.
Admittedly the south wall has windows and is where the bedrooms are (noise from Fronius fan is a concern as have a person with medical issues.) I suggested East was but he said too far from fuse box, about 15 meters.
The West wall has neighbours house about 3 meters away and get afternoon sun, I’m concerned.
Any real advice appreciated.


Hi @Buddah

If placed on the west wall it should have more than just a shade cover. It would need a shield to protect the inverter as the sun moves down in the afternoon. (A top shade will not be enough).

The Fronius inverters do have a very good active cooling (fan forced) system but it’s always better to locate in a protected location or shield it from the sun. Some shade mesh could also help.


Hi @Buddah,
The cheapest option is an awning but as Svarky says it will still get sun in the afternoon. The biggest issue will being summer time and I have seen a lot of inverters overheat. You need to make sure your inverter cover allows space for air to flow including air from your inverters fan. It should help your inverter last longer too. These covers have come out recently and seem to tick the boxes:

Prevent north facing walls exposed to direct sunlight at midday, and easterly facing wall, under a small veranda which provides shade is better suited. Inside garages can also be a good spot, as long the inverter is away from direct sunshine for prolonged periods of the day.