Astronergy solar panel review

22 x Astroenergy 300w PERC Mono Silver Frame (CHSM66 10M-300)

1 Growwatt Inverter MIN 5000TL-X SnglePhase 2 MPPT

Tin roof 16-30 Degree

Total Cost after STC rebate with installation: $4,081.

Hi @jarama

Astroenergy are a lower cost panel. Their parent company name is CHINT Solar, and they have an office in Adelaide, Australia. They have Bloomberg Tier 1 status, but as mentioned many times elsewhere, this reflects the company’s financial position, not the quality of the solar panels they produce.

They are not on our Best Solar Panels list. It’s a good idea to start there:

I would start by reading our article on which inverter and panel brands to buy.
Ch 6. What panel and inverter brands should I buy?


I’m not sure how to read this news, as SunPower is at the bottom of this long list, which suggests to me the list doesn’t accurately reflect reliability. But I thought it worth noting.

LONGi are second on this list, for what it’s worth.

Astronergy gets tops spot in PV Evolution Labs ‘2020 PV Module Reliability Scorecard’.

The winning modules this time are the AstroSemi series and AstroTwins series modules that we are currently working on.

So does that mean that you now rate Astro Energy panels. I have been quoted for a system using Astro Energy 330W ~340W Monocrystalline PV Module CHSM60M-HC SERIES.

Hi @Andy3, no, Astronergy panels aren’t currently on our best panel list. However, we continue to read, and listen to installers about their thoughts on quality and top performing panels. It is an evolving space.