Are SolarEdge optimisers compatible with any inverters?

Hi everyone,

I just received a quote which combines SolarEdge optimisers (P350i) with a Fronius inverter (Symo 7.0). Would that work? I always thought SolarEdge optimisers works with SolarEdge inverters only.


Hi @rborer

I didn’t think that was an option either. I thought you needed to go with Tigo if you wanted optimisers with your Fronius (or any other string inverter).


The P350i is a new product designed for adding to existing inverters. The i stands for what solaredge has trademarked indop which is basically independent operation. The only catch is I didn’t realise they had been released in Australia yet, it maybe worth double checking with Solaredge (1800465567) to make sure it has been approved for Australian release and your installer hasn’t done a direct import.

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Thanks for this information @Smcallis , so it’s not a mistake from the company I asked a quote to.

Not a mistake, but just double check that they are accredited for Australian use

Solaredge optimisers work with Solaredge inverters only. With fronius one can use Tigo optimisers