Tesla solar roof installers in Florida

Who is the top 5 Tesla solar roof installers in Florida?

Here are five top Tesla Solar Roof installers in Florida:

  1. Coastal Energy:
  • Certified Tesla Solar Roof installer known for thorough site assessments, permitting, and high-quality installations.
  • Ensures compliance with local building codes and Tesla’s safety standards, providing extensive post-installation support and monitoring​ Coastal Energy​.
  1. SunVena Solar:
  • Recognized as a Premier Installer by Tesla for their quality, expertise, and customer service.
  • Offers comprehensive Tesla energy solutions, including solar panels, Powerwall, and wall connectors.
  • Provides services throughout Florida with over 1,000 Tesla solar system installations completed​ SunVena Solar​.
  1. Kelly Roofing:
  • Specializes in Tesla Solar Roofs, offering a detailed installation process including site assessments, permitting, and utility interconnection.
  • Known for their expertise in high wind installations, capable of handling winds up to 194 mph, making them ideal for Florida’s weather conditions​​.
  1. Roofing by Curry:
  • Provides Tesla Solar Roof installations with a focus on durability and weather resistance, offering a comprehensive 25-year warranty.
  • Their services include detailed financial benefits analysis and seamless integration with Tesla’s Powerwall for energy independence​​.
  1. PrimeBid Florida:
  • Premier partner in sustainable home construction and renewable energy solutions, including Tesla Solar Roofs.
  • Offers tailored solutions for energy needs with a strong focus on design and engineering excellence​.

These companies are highly rated for their expertise, customer service, and comprehensive installation processes, making them top choices for Tesla Solar Roof installations in Florida.