Sunpower splits into two companies - Maxeon Solar now manufacturing panels

I heard today that Sunpower have lost their Tier 1 status and have stopped manufacturing. I have a quote recommending Sunpower P19 panels and another source says that it is not wise to use Sunpower as the P19 is an inferior panel and Sunpower may not be around to address and warranty issues in the future.

Does anyone have info on this??

Interesting, I wonder why they are doing that :thinking:

I don’t see anything about them losing tier 1 status, can’t see why that would be the case. I do find it strange that they would rebrand the panel business, well not a complete rebrand, Maxeon is what they brand their panel models now I guess.

On the surface this doesn’t sound like a reason not to buy SunPower panels, but I’m keen to hear more about their reasoning.

Thanks for bringing it to the community’s attention @Margaret_Cummins.