Solar price Queanbeyan NSW

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2 Solar Quotes Queanbeyan NSW

I’ve got 2 quotes for a 6.6 kW system, single phase, no shade, flat colorbond north facing roof with a 5 degree slope to the south (so I need tilt frames at 35 degrees to achieve a 30 degree panel angle to the sun), both with a 5 kW inverter (including a 10 year warranty on the inverter).

Quote 1. 20 X 330 watt JA Solar Panels & 1 X 5kW Goodwe inverter incl. tilt frames - nett - $6,095

Quote 2. 18 X 270 watt Trina Solar Panels + 1 X 5kW Fronius inverter " $7,605

They both look reasonable to me. Quality and value wise what do you reckon ??