Solar Installers Hobart, Tasmania

Could you please comment on this quote, particularly on the recommended inverter. Its also much more expensive than the Solar Price Calculator suggests. Perhaps Tasmania has less competition than mainland Australia?

We’ve been quoted $7133 (after STC rebate) for a 5.185kW PV system with 17x Trina Honey M Plus (TSM-305DD05A.08) panels; Solis 1P5K-4G Inverter. Its from Home Efficiency Group.

We have a fairly small tin roof. Panels are 8 facing east (landscape), and 9 facing north (portrait). We get all day sun. The north and east sides are two storey.

The Solis inverter looks like a cheap option. Am I better off spending more?

Overall, how do I calculate the right size system? Do I really need 5kW?

I’m getting at least 2 other quotes. Which Tasmanian installers can you recommend?

Thanks Tim

Hi Tim,

I would definitely be looking at other quotes and comparing. Unfortunately I don’t know any installers in Tassie but I have noticed the price’s are around 15-20% higher than the mainland. Solis doesn’t have a great reputation so it would be worth looking at paying more for a higher end inverter and asking what options the installers can offer.

Let you know how you go.

Thanks Jason, The installer sent me this link to another Australian solar review site that rates Solis as reputable but entry level. They also offered to upgrade to a German SMA inverter for $1941.
I got a second quote for $8538 with 20 of the same panels but a Fronius 6kW inverter. (STC credits would be deducted from that).

What! An upgrade to SMA for nearly $2k… that is a bit of a joke, it shouldn’t be more than $1k extra.

Yeah solarquotes is a good site to use for quoting… They generally list the known, reputable installers.

No, the total cost for the SMA was $1941 - not on top of the cost of the Solis.

Two more quotes have come in. The one I’m considering as an alternative to the Solis/Trina M 5.185 kW package for $7133 is this:
5.45 kW for $5,943
305w JA Solar Mono Perc panels
5KW Solax X1 Boost inverter

Looking at JA Solar and Solax are both listed as low priced but reputable brands in Australia, as are Trina and Solis.
Any comments?

Yeah, you’re probably comparing apples for apples there, so that’s a good improvement on price. Worth seeing if you can get a Fronius or SMA with it for under $7k, that would be a win I reckon.

Hi Tim

If you haven’t organised solar yet check out mode electrical in Launceston (they do Hobart I will be using them) they do Fronius and sunpower p19 for about the same price and rec for a little less, they are also CEC approved.

Thanks Michael

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Hi @M.gray52 & @Tim_Tabart

How did you go with your solar installs in Hobart and Launceston? Did you both use Mode Electrical in the end?