Solar dc wire selection

Hello friends, I have mistakenly used AC 7/0.29 (2.5mm) wire . It’s coming from controller to each room sockets (3 rooms) and then 1.5dc wire to lights and fans. The issue is the main wire is AC 7 copper conductors. And the distance is also 80 feet of last room and veranda fan. which Dc wire I should used (mm)? AC wire waste a lot of energy and low battery backup issue. please recommend me best gauge wire.

What are you doing running wire from the MPPT to the AC wall sockets? That’s very dangerous!

Try this basic calculator to work out which gauge wire to use. You want to make sure the voltage drop and energy loss is less than 5%

I mean I used wrong wire for DC setup, at my home one socket board have both electricity AC and DC, DC for fans and lights and AC for sockets switches to charge mobile, freezer, washing machine etc. AC wire has more resistance, so 12v dc loss energy when travelling in AC wire, now I am thinking about 4mm or 6mm wire. But hard to pull it in wire pipes. I also change wire to battery and controller, bought 16mm dc and removed AC 7/29 wire. 16mm is more powerful and no loss. I am installing more DC ceiling fans as summer is coming total 10 DC ceiling fans and 30 dc lights. In Pakistan light disappear for hours so

Ok, that makes more sense. I didn’t know you run both AC and DC circuits in Pakistan. Are the DC fans 12V or do you also have 24V DC fans and appliances?

No only AC 220v and DC12
volt in the image this board has both connection AC and DC, one fan is 12v other is AC 220volt