Connecting panels serial and or parallel

Hello from Thailand, Next month I install our solar base. I try to find an answer for maybe a simple question. Is there any advantage connecting all my 10 panels in serial or split it in two serials and make two parallel connection. Panels are all the same. Both configurations fit the input of the inverter. Environment conditions are the same for all panels.

Generally, it is better to have one string of 10 panels. The higher voltage is more efficient with lower cable losses (but it depends on the inverter specifications.)

What is the inverter MPPT operating voltage range? Which inverter and panels are you using?

Thanks for responding

For the inverter:

  • DC:
    Max. DC input power: 3600W
    Max. DC input voltage: 600V
    MPPT range: 120-550V

  • AC:
    Rated output power: 3000W
    Max. AC output current: 14A
    Nominal output voltage: 230V L+N+PE. 50Hz/60Hz

For the panels

  • Maximum Power(Pmax): 340W‡3%
  • Power selection: 0~+5W
  • Maximum Power Voltage: 38.2V
  • Maximum Power Current: 8.94A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 46.4+3%V
  • Short Circuit Current: 9.43‡5%A

btw, if someone want see more, we keep our site up to date with the latest information. IN de meantime we choose for 9 panels. Between inverter and panels the DC cable is about 40 meter.

forget to mention the cables are 4mm2

If the DC cable length is 40m and the cable size is only 4mm2, then you should definitely use longer strings of 9 or 10 panels. This will be much more efficient.

:+1:t2::+1:t2: ahh yes voltage at the inverter will be less depending on the lenght of the cable.

Connecting your 10 panels in two sets of series and parallel (2 strings of 5 panels each) is better for your solar power system. It lowers the impact of shade or issues with one set on the whole system. It’s a more reliable setup and ensures better overall performance, even if one set has a problem.