On Grid 300kWp Solar Project

We are going to install on-grid 300 kWp on roof top,
1- I am confuse in inverter, vendor offers us SMA, Huawei and Fronius, kindly guide me to select one.
2- Guide me in Inverter room location, it would be on roof or on ground, building height is about 60 feets.
3- Also guide me on MPP trackers, fronius have 1 and SMA have 6, which one is better.


Hi @Syed_Ali

How many panels are you installing (how big is the whole system)?

We like Fronius the best here, but Huawei and SMA are very good too. I can’t imagine an inverter size for which SMA has 6 MPP trackers, and Fronius has 1. What size is it?

The inverter would usually go on the ground (not in the sun).

Where are you doing the install? What country? I’m assuming Pakistan based on the flag? Is there much solar in Pakistan? Sounds like you can buy good quality products :+1:


1- Panels-760 Qty.
2- SMA Core1 50kw and Fronius ECO 27kW
3- Pakistan.

1- Eu recomendo SMA
2- Tente aproveitar uma sala na cobertura do prédio. Isso seria o ideal.
3-Eu recomendo o SMA também por isso. 6 trackers MPP é melhor.

why are you not recommend Fronius???

Ah sorry, I missed the system size in the title earlier.

Yeah, for a large system like that, as @SOLARETEC_CONSULTORI, a room in the roof would be best.

I think it would be better to consider optimisers, rather than worry about MPP trackers on a large system like this. The optimisers would also give you panel level monitoring, to ensure no issues with any panels, as well as optimise the power curve. Are there shading issues?


what size is it system obviously there is some misunderstanding this is small utility-scale solar

You can use each of the brands, SMA, Fronius or Huawei but I recommand Huawei beacause it offers a smart inverter with high efficiency level and let for the user a lot of MPPT inputs in comparaison to SMA.

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Btw, I understand that the Fronius ECO is the lower spec model with a single MPP tracker. You can go a Fronius Symo which has multiple MPP trackers. Just depends whether it’s worth it or not due to shade etc.