Off grid hardware in Philippines

This is what my supplier recommended for my future house there for about 25 to 30 Kwh daily needs (at least)it would be nice if the specialists can take a look and correct if it could different,better…
It’s for 33 panels REC alpha 410 W or they told me that it could be alpha R on the time when they deliver that should be then 430 W (4 or 5 strings)1 east 1west and 2 south
Battery’s to start about 30 Kw lifepo4

1 victron quattro 48/15000
2 victron Rs 450/100 solarcharger
1 victron smart MPPT 250/100 “ for future extension as for
1 victron cerbo gx
1 gx touch
2 Lynx distributor with 4 125A fuse
1 battery monitor BMV-712 shunt 500A/50mV
What main fuse or HRC should i take for this system?supplier was not sure
If there’s something to add,let me know please


That’s a very nice powerful system although the battery is undersized for your daily requirement. Generally, you require 1.5 to 2 times larger battery than the average daily consumption depending on solar oversizing factor.

What batteries are you using? If it’s a LFP battery, then generally only 80% is available or you will have low voltage issues and reduce the battery life. This means you’ll only have 24kWh of usable capacity.

Main fuse size is dependent on the cable size and peak demand. At full power the Victron Quattro 48/15000 will draw up to 288A so you will need at least a 300A fuse and minimum 90mm2 main battery cable.
You can use this as a cable sizing guide - Current Carrying Capacity Table | Calculate Cable Cross Section

Thanks Jason
I find out for the cable,we can do it with 2 from 95mm2 each,plus and minus
With the battery is a start but it’s intended to go up to about 50 Kw Powerplus eco