MG4 and Bidirectional Charging with SolarEdge

Hi All
This is my first post on the forum, although I’ve been reading the very helpful background / resource material on the website.

The context of my query is this:
a) I have a home PV system using a SolarEdge ES5000 inverter
b) I am in the market for an EV - preferred option currently is the MG4
c) I would like to be able to use the MG4 with a suitable bidirectional charger to make use of the excess power we generate during the day to reduce what we consume from the grid at night. I have read that the MG4 has bidirectional charging capability but only as V2L onboard.

I have seen that SolarEdge have launched a smart DC coupled bi-directional charger which they will be releasing later in 2024. This charger uses the CCS (Type 2?) type connector. Given the integrated functionality that would be offered in combination with my inverter this is an option I am keen to pursue.

The MG4 has V2L capability via a CCS2 plug adapter, limited to 2200W. Does this mean that I could use the MG4’s battery in conjunction with a smart bidirectional charger such as the SolarEdge product (noting that the output would be limited to 2200W) ?

I’d appreciate any clarification on this - its a bit tricky. I will of course be working closely with my solar installer when the time comes to implement a solution. Just want to make sure I don’t jump the gun on an inappropriate EV purchase.


Unfortunately, this does not mean you can use the MG4 with a bidirectional charger. Bidirectional chargers are high-voltage DC chargers, and V2L is basically a 230V AC outlet. They are very different. Think of V2L as a simple AC inverter built into the vehicle to provide 230V AC power.

Bi-directional chargers use the lower DC connection (the 2 large pins below the round charging socket) to take power directly from the EVs battery. They contain large, powerful DC to AC inverters, which can provide power to the grid (V2G) or a home (V2H).

I think it will still be at least a few years before V2G/V2H technology is affordable and available in most countries.

Hi Svarky
Thanks very much for the clarification. That actually makes my EV shopping a little simpler !


This short video, seem to closely match with the requirement to export energy from MG4 to power your house.

5kW MG4 V2H

Unfortunately, the video does not explain anything or even show what equipment is being used. It appears to be using a simple 5kW DC to AC inverter, but it’s unclear whether it’s a bidirectional (two-way) inverter-charger and whether the vehicle has been modified in any way.

Thanks Jason. I’ve viewed the video once and didn’t find it very helpful. Subsequent to advice you provided and more discussion I’ve concluded that I’m not going to try to use the vehicle for that purpose – I’ve ordered the car anyhow as it is a gret car!. Thanks.