GenZ or Powerplus not supported by Victron…

I have all Victron Energy hardware but my installer ask me now what battery’s i gone have in the Philippines and i tought Aus.made GenZ or powerplus but they are not supported from Victron
Can this be a problem when you install and connect them the first time?
I see a lot of installations here that use them so I don’t suspect issues
Thanks for advice

You are confused. Victron supports any ‘self-managed’ LFP battery system. The list of supported batteries are only the “managed” lithium batteries that require a CANbus connection to operate, such as Pylontech and BYD.

GenZ and Powerplus are both self-managed LFP batteries and do not require a CANbus connection. In order to use these batteries you must install a Victron BMV (shunt) and program it to suit the chosen battery.