Fronius Primo nationwide shortage?

Is there a nationwide shortage of Fronius inverters? I have been waiting since mid Sep for my central Victorian solar installer to install my system. They still can’t guarantee when they’ll be able to do my installation.

Hi Von

There is a shortage. However, September is a long time to wait. Have you tried other installers?

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Ivan Colaço

Hi Von,

Fronius in there infinite wisdom have decided to sell through partners only. It’s to protect the brand from unscrupulous installers. The partners such as Baywa re and Kranich are only allowed to sell a very small percentage to other wholesalers such as Rexel or CNW, this has made it almost impossible for you to buy through these types of electrical wholesalers. Fronius release Ex amount to partners every month to keep it contained. However the partners can add this months shortfall to next months allocation, so in theory you shouldn’t have to wait any longer than 4 - 5 weeks. Tell your installer to buy through a partner,since your in Victoria I would recommend Kranich.

I have bought around 20 Primo 5’s in the last 3 months all from Fronius Partners.
However I did manage to find a few Primo 3’s down the road at the local wholesaler.
It;s 5’s and larger that are hard to get. But you can get them through any Fronius Partner.

To sum it up when I’m in urgent need and Baywa re in Perth can’t supply for a month I buy through Kranich and freight it over to the west. Only once in the last year were they really in short supply which was back in June, Kranich were pulling them out of QLD, NT NSW etc and sending them to me then.

So to sum it up they are attainable just a bit trickier these days.

Kind Regards

Den Thomson
Down South Solar Power
Bunbury WA

Ps. Kranich have plenty of stock at the moment and there based in Melbourne.

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