Fronius GEN24 Inverter Review

Recently installed the GEN24 Primo 5kW inverter in an AC-coupled Victron off-grid system and am happy with the quality and performance so far. This is the non-hybrid activated GEN24, not the GEN24 Plus. Although, it’s identical to the hybrid (Plus) version in every way, and the price is about the same as the older snap-in Primo. To enable the hybrid mode, you need to pay an extra fee. I believe the non-hybrid GEN24 is currently only being offered in Australia, but I suspect the GEN24 will replace the older Snap-in Primo soon.

I wasn’t very keen on the look when the GEN24 was first released, but I’m starting to like the design more and more. (Although, I still miss the display) It’s very clever having the fan and heat sink on the front of the inverter to improve airflow, as opposed to the rear side, like most other manufacturers. The front plastic shield keeps the sun off the inverter heatsink (if exposed) and guides airflow.


  • The spring-clip cable connectors are brilliant. Makes installation quick and easy
  • Very quiet active fan-forced cooling compared to the older noisy snap-in model
  • Wide MPPT voltage range - 65V to 530V
  • MPPT current rating - 22A / 12A - Parallel strings ok
  • PV point backup power without a battery (Hybrid version)
  • External relay control - Digital output
  • Easy Wifi connection using a one-touch WPS button

MPPT operating voltage range is interesting. The specs say the full ‘usable’ range is 65V to 530V, but the inverter label states 230V to 530V (which would be the optimum range for maximum efficiency). This is the same for most other solar inverters, but most other manufacturers only list the full usable MPPT voltage range, which can be misleading. I’m planning on doing an experiment to estimate the losses when using a lower string voltage of say, 150V.

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