Froius Support

Anybody experiencing the same terrible support from Fronius “support” . Sent endless emails and been waiting for over 40 days for a reply as to why my Gen 24 10kw 3 phase inverter, coupled with 2 x 10 kw BYD batteries shuts down when both the solar and grid
goes down. The batteries SOC is high and we are not overloading. Fault " Power Low For Backup Operation” If the the grid is down and there is even a few watts of power from the solar everything works 100% - 5 to 20 minutes after the sun goes down and grid off - the inverter shuts down. Soon as the grid comes back on / solar up everything 100%

Have you contacted the installer of the system? I’m assuming it was configured correctly and the firmware has been updated to the latest version?

I have been involved in the installation from the beginning. Latest firmware. As far as I cn tell the config is correct. Everything works 100% so long as there is a few watts of solar power, (even if the grid is down) -however as soon as the sun goes down everything runs OK for about 10 minutes then shuts down even when the battery soc is 60% and we are drawing less than 1kw. It seems the GEN24 inverter is not being excited by the battery “Power low for back up” I am getting absolutely nothing out of Fronius. BYD have been great but say it is an inverter problem.

It certainly sounds like an inverter problem. I’m surprised Fronius is not responding to your tech support request.

It almost sounds like the system is using the solar-only backup power function and not the full backup function. Do you have a grid isolation contactor installed correctly?