EV charging with PV

anyone using a good system to charge an EV at home?

Good question. There are only a few combined solar and EV charging solutions on the market (SolarEdge and Delta) but you can also use a non dedicated or existing solar system to charge your EV. The EV is just a load like any other appliance in your home but uses a hell of a lot more energy so you would want a rather large solar installation 6 - 10kW.


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there are very few high amp dc-dc chargers I am aware of that are available for home use. For ‘level 3’ charging the source has to be at a higher voltage than the car battery, have adequate size to produce desired amps, and have a VERY expensive charge controller capable of handling the high voltage and high current. My guess is you will only find high current dc-dc chargers near interstate highways, and will require dedicated systems larger than 10kw with string inverters (rather than the micro-inverters more popular with residential installs now).

I will be interested to follow this and see if there are some available… I’d even be interested in a lower output one, but dc-dc so I don’t lose efficiency inverting the power twice to charge my car. I have a 3.8kw PV system with a standard SMA string inverter, and a DIY electric car that has a battery pack with 160v Nominal voltage. If there were a charger controller capable of 50amps, and a programmable end of charge voltage, I’d be set!

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