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Thank you for all of your information. It’s very helpful. I am based in the Algarve Portugal and not only am I very ignorant on electrical matters but getting good advice here is very difficult as PV is only in its infancy

My house has a south facing 30d angled roof and is 4.8mx4.9.

I received a chart for a 4KWp system which indicated a minus 400kxper month and max 620 pm production.I also received a a consumption with daily average of a single day of 3.25 -75kw and monthly of 1100K Weo not as yet manage our consumption which we could do to flatten our consumption and make it more suitable to production when we install.

I have been advised to get everything form a 2.5kw to a 6 kw system with and without batteries. I have 3 phase power at present. No one will even guessestimate an usable level of production. At the moment excess will return free to the grid. Some say I should get batteries and some say not. I can get a 5.5kw system with 5KW battery for c $6k AUD. Any advice will be appreciated.

Hi there @BCusack

Have you tried our solar calculator? It should help clear up some of these questions. Let me know when you give that a go and we can discuss.


Thanks for your help. I tried the Calculator. I have some comments and would be very grateful if you could answer and assist.

The bill that I input does not compare to my actual consumption. My bills are €300pm and average daily consumption ± 35kw. Prices in the calculator are correct for Portugal. My power is 3 phase
My roof is 30Degree tilted south. I could not get calculator to accept my address. I have some shade for first 2 hours in the morning. I have light but not direct sunlight. A cedar tree that is 15 m away. its 5.5x 5.8m. I have been advised that It can take 8 x545w panels. I will have the option to later cover a terrace to double that.
My hourly consumption rarely exceeds 3.5kw . Peaks for an hour at 5-6kw in the morning 9-10(when shade).
I would intend getting an electric car within 12-18 months. Day time charging would be normal. Only doing 9000 kms p.a.


Hi Brian,

Can you see your address in Google Maps? The calculator uses Google maps, so if you can see your house in Google, you should be able to use the calculator.

Did you try the EV section in the calculator? I suspect 8 x 545W panels will not be enough for household consumption and EV charging.

Thanks. It works even though the Google address is an old one and not currently valid!