Cabling between roof and ceiling in Aus

I installed micro inverter system and I found out that electric cable from roof to inverter were laying on the ceiling as attached photos.
When I asked installer, they said it satisfies the regulation.
Does this really satisfy the regulation in NSW Australia?

That would depend on the Voltage going through the Cable ?
Being Micro Inverters the Voltage is possibly be 240V AC, but the Amperage may/would be low.
If it is AC voltage it looks like it may be an Extension lead.

This is 230v AC cable and this is the cable connected to main box (Enphase envoy).

I am in the USA and we follow NEC. In Australia, you follow IEC and the output of your micro-inverter should be 230 AC.

For the USA this would not pass! Even if your attic is classified as an area that conduit or other protection is not required, the cable should be firmly attached to the wood rafters and laid so the cable is not easily tripped over. Also, it appears in the first picture that the cable is held by a zip tie. Zip ties are not very good long-term support for a heave cable.

I found this:

Look on page 81 section 13.5.1 “Cable runs shall present a neat and workmanlike appearance.” As professional engineering in the USA, I can state that the install is NOT neat and workmanlike. (Also look at other requirements in 12.5.1).

Thank you for answer.

I have to contact install company again……

Loose cables in the ceiling are common, unless you as them to run it a particular way. Note your ceiling light cables are sitting on top of the insulation as well. Industrial cable ties under the roof last for decades, mine have been in place for 30years. Ensuring the roof penetration is water tight is the only real concern when running cables.