BYD 24v/200Ah battery setup

Hi Marty,
How do we set up the BYD 24v/200Ah modules (I have 12 pcs of 24v modules with 6 BMS and1 BMU) with SMA SI8.0H

Hi Shaba, can you please provide some more details. Do you have photos of the installation, and wiring diagrams? What exactly do you need help with?

Hi Martin
I managed to get it tested in lab but haven’t commissioned the system on site.I got 12 modules of 200Ah 24v BYD. Connected them 2 in series to make it 48v and connected using a 48v BMS ( 6 strings in total with 6 BMS and 1 BMU)

I have yet to commission the system. I’ll send you photos of the installation in the next week or 2 once the equipment is on site.

Thanks for your reply.

Hi Shaba, what model are the batteries?

Be very careful when paralleling lithium batteries as some of these cannot be installed in series and can be dangerous! Also it may void warranty. Do you have installation guidelines from BYD on how to correctly install the batteries?

Hi Jason,

Here are the specs.

I use a 48v BMS with 2 batteries in series.

What are the risks? Yes they sent a photo which I followed to connect the batteries.

Good Day Marty,

We have this type of battery: MBAS308 |Nominal Voltage 25.6V Nominal Capacity 250Ah have you the serial number, we need to implement this battery in our Inverter.

Your assistance is appreciate.