Best heat pump in cold climate


We are considering the Sanden and Reclaim Energy heat pump for domestic hot water- which is a better option? We live near the Macedon Ranges and temps here can fall close to 0 so would both units work well in this part of Victoria?

Also, we are getting hydronic heating installed and I know there is an option to combine DHW with the heat pump used for hydronic heating. Apart from the benefit of not having to purchase a separate unit for DHW, is there a down side to this solution?

Appreciate any help I can get.

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Hi @KChai

We had a discussion on this a little while ago actually, it’s still relevant:
How cold a climate will heat pumps work?

Hi Marty,

I did have a read of that thread before posting but there was no mention of the Reclaim Energy- I believe this is fairly new on the market and was hoping someone with one of these units might have some feedback on how they’re finding it.

Also, any thoughts on whether I’d be better off going for a combi unit for hydronic heating and DHW or use separate units for each?

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Hey @BHekman, do you happen to have any insight on this?

Hey @Marty and @KChai, the operating temperature range for both the Sanden and Reclaim Energy is as low as -10C, so the units will function in your temperature range.
I have not had a lot to do with the Reclaim Energy, but I believe the main functional difference, is the Reclaim Energy unit has the option for a few smart features, such as integrating directly with your Solar PV.
I think the best thing to do would be to talk to who is supplying your Hydronic Heating unit about your DHW supply being combined. This would depend a lot on the unit as to which way would be best. But if you are heating enough HW anyway, I believe it may be a good option to combine. But I assume this wont be running in Summer, depending on the setup, and a Sanden Unit or Reclaim would function very efficiently combined with Solar PV during Summer.

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Awesome, thanks very much @BHekman.

Thanks, @Marty and @BHekman, appreciate the feedback. Very good point about not needing to run the hydronics in summer so might be cheaper to run a separate HW service.