Batteries in parallel

Hello friend, I need suggestions about batteries in parallel connection. Currently I have 190ah flooded lead acid battery for 12v setup. But it’s backup is short and I use battery charger at night. I want to increase battery capacity. But volt will remain 12v so should I buy about flooded battery? The current one is 9 months old. please guide

If you add a new battery in parallel with the old battery it will definitely help but it might not work like new.

If the older battery is not performing well and is degraded, then the new battery will not work well either. It is always better to use two batteries of the same age in parallel. You can try it and see how it performs

Fine thanks, I am also thing about 2v cell 400ah or 500ah . 6 cell in series will make 12v battery bank. But cells are expensive. Mostly used coming from Europe or USA. New cell last 10 year. Let’s see, I will share about next step