Temp.coefficient importance - Off-grid in the Philippines

Finally I got some quotes for off grid installation
All 4 look comparable but only difference is in the panels
They use maxeon 5 415 W or 410W and the last REC alpha pure 410W
The only difference i could think on is the temp.coeff.from the panels
Maxeon is 0,29%C and REC is 0,24%C
Should I prefer REC or can i ignore this small difference
This is for hot climate,south of Philippines more 40
+ than 30
Thanks for advice

I wouldn’t worry about the small difference in the temperature coefficient between the Maxeon and REC panels. Just choose the quote from the most reputable installation company. What is the other equipment they are supplying? It seems like it’s very hard to get quality off-grid solar in the Philippines

If they were comparing Maxeon with regular Mono PERC panels with a temp coefficient of 0.38% then it would be choosing the Maxeon for sure

Thanks Svarky
Then is Maxeon 5 the way to go,with the longer proven track
I ask to use victron energy smartsolar Mppt charge controllers and quattro 15000VA
Inverter/charger ,and they all did and they use then further the small stuff from victron,only for the switches and breakers they use some other brands the dc wire is 6mm
For the construction they give me a few choice’s and i overbuild it a little bit
These quotes are not from the Philippines but from Belgium,Europe and i was intended to buy it here and export to there, they are off course not specialists in off grid and very high temperatures but it’s look good…i told them from cleanenergyreviews and they look at it and a few said it’s was very helpful
but just now i find a victron office in Philippines it’s call philsolar.com and they are i think victron energy importer too
A while ago i tought to use selectronic inverter/ charger together with victron charge controllers but i think it’s better to go complete victron…
Just got email from one of the installers and he quote also for smartsolar Mppt RS but he let me know that this isn’t his first choice bcse when there is a failure it’s all down ,that’s true and understandable for me
Thanks for your help

When installing here in PH make sure the installers actually know what they are doing. Most of them I found don’t! Make certain they don’t install panels facing North, away from the equator and if they have to for some reason, make sure they are wired to a different charge controller as the reduction from the panels facing away from the sun will dramatically reduce your output. Also watch them when they install the wires and connectors, many won’t use solar rated wire and also some don’t even crimp the connectors when installing them, they just push the wire in and fit it into the plastic and tighten the water seal. A way to help reduce the heat on your panels is to space them up a bit from the roof so there is air circulation under them. I installed mine on custom racks 10 ft above our 3rd floor deck so they stay quite cool compared to ones directly on the roof. If you ship the stuff here make sure you put as much as you can in Balikbayan Boxes so there’s no import charge.