Selectronic SP Pro - Geckos & SMA Sunny Boy

In 2011, we had a MSA Inverter called Sunny Boy. Two years later, another company added more Solar Panels, a battery bank and an SP PRO by Selectronic.

It was installed in October 2013 by a Selectronic Accredited Integrator. His Selectronic Accreditation No is or was ending with “13-05”. After installation of the new system the company went broke.

As evident from a post by User #835911 Eco1977 the SP PRO, “was smoking and was close to catching on fire”, but is also not gecko proof, which caused me a lot of hassles.

In the early morning of 3 March 2019 at about 1:30 AM, I lost all power from the batteries. In the middle of the night and in complete darkness, I managed to get power back, but from the grid.

Another Selectronic Accredited Integrator did arrive as late as 15 March 2019 and reprogrammed the SP Pro. I paid the Selectronic Accredited Integrator $320. Everything seemed to be okay, until we again lost power during the night from 24 to 25 March 2019, not only from the batteries, but also grid power.

The above mentioned Integrator arrived in the afternoon of 25 March 2019 and actually opened the SP Pro. He found 3 dead geckos and told me that the geckos had caused the failure of the SP Pro on 3 March 2019 and again during the night from 24-25 March 2019. I paid him another $400. In total, I paid $720 for the removal of 3 dead geckos.

I had asked Selectronic how to prevent geckos getting inside the SP Pro. A person from the Selectronic Team replied: “If installed in accordance with our manual the SP PRO has been designed to meet IP rating 43. First digit - protection from foreign body and particulate ingress: Protection against solid objects larger than 1mm (fine tools and wires, nails, screws, larger insects and other potentially invasive small objects)…”. I searched the manual for larger “insects” and “geckos”. I didn’t find any.

To date, no geckos got inside the German made MSA Inverter. The SP Pro is designed for the Australian Market for the Tropics and the Subtropics, where geckos are common.

So much for the Australian made Selectronic SP Pro.

That is a real shame to hear @Ramses_II_Pharao. The Selectronic is a genuine world class “multi-mode” inverter. It’s a shame that a few geckos messed that all up for you. Thanks for sharing that though.