Optimiser or inverter with two seperate strings

Hi, we have two similar quotes from two companies for a 5kw solar system, but different inverter systems. Company 1 wants to install 9 panels North + 5 panels West with an ABB inverter on two seperate strings and company 2 wants to install 9 panels North + 3 panels West + 4 panels East with Solar Edge Optimisers.

I did read somewhere that if solar panels face different directions Power Optimisers or Microinverters are always needed and that a normal string inverter cannot be used? Which one would be better?

Hi there @Flyingmanes

Not exactly. “String” inverters, as they are known, generally have the ability to have panels facing in at least 2 different directions. The ABB system should be fine in this situation. I’m actually not 100% sure that the Solar Edge system would work with only 3 panels in one direction. My understanding is that the voltage might be too low to function.

Hopefully we get some more feedback on that.


Thank you. That helps.