Is there such a thing as a Priority Switch?

Does anyone know if there’s such a thing as a priority switch? I have 2 deep well pumps I want to run off of the same set of panels and inverter. Each uses about 4kw when running, but with both running at the same time it is too much for the system. Neither of them run more than 15 minutes an hour so I thought maybe I could set them up on the same circuit with priority for 1 of them. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

I’m a plumber and I had a client once with two wells way down a hill with only one circuit going down the hill to power them. He had abandoned the first one (that was still working) when he put in the second one. On a hunch, I bought a 220V “alternating relay” that was sized so that it would handle the 20A max load of either of the 2-1HP pumps. My plan was every time the pressure switch called for more water this relay would send power to the pump that hadn’t run in the last cycle. Combined with dry well protection for each pump (PumpSaver, PumpTec, or other), I felt we could get him both water sources flowing off of that one pwr source. He ended up selling the property before I could set him up, so I never actually tried this out (I still have the relay). It would not be a “priority” system, like you asked, but I think it might satisfy what you want to do.

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Apparently to uglydog,
Generac sells a SMM- Smart Management Module. Individual units get connected into the main service panel and individually connected to each pump circuit. Each SMM has priority settings.

These may solve your problem.

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Yes!! I think that’s exactly what I’m looking for. It would allow setting priority for different things when the generator is running, so, it should also work for a solar inverter.
Thanks! I’ll check with Generac.