Add new inverter model

Where do I add another inverter model? SolaX X1-Hybrid-7.5-G4

We will need to add the inverter for you. There is currently no way for users to add inverters to the database.

If you can post the spec sheet here it will make it easier. Thanks

Hi Svarky
Will it deposable to add Victron product, Inverters and mppt’s, and battery’s from Ritar Battery

No problem, I was planning to add Victron inverters and MPPTs this week.

I can also add the Ritar batteries. Can you post the exact details of the Ritar battery you would like added. A link to the datasheet would be greatly appreciated

that will be great.
For Ritar Battery
Ritar Battery R-LFP 51.2V 150Ah Rackmount 7.68kWh
Ritar Battery R-LFP 51.2V 100Ah Rackmount 5.12kWh

Victron MultiPlus-II 48/8000/110-100/100 230V

Tank you

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/100-Tr VE.CAN

Hi there, please could you also add sonnenBatterie hybrid 9.53


Pls add this one

Great app, thanks.

@voltageo , I have added the Multi RS inverter and most of the Victron Smartsolar MPPT charge controllers to the Photonik database.

Note, we will soon add the ability to add multiple inverters and MPPTs

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@DDina, Sonnen Hybrid 9.53 added to database

Hi, can you please add Alpha ESS Smile inverters and batteries.

@Jaerus_Croskery, we have added the SMILE5 and SMILE-G3 series inverters to the database.

The Smile batteries were already added. You will have to choose both the Smile inverter and Smile battery when designing a system.