Victron Off-grid EV Charger Review

I’ve purchased a Victron EV charger to charge an EV using my off-grid solar system. It should be installed next week, but for now here are some snapshots. Has anyone else installed one?

Not much in the box except the charger. No mounting plates (since it uses side screws) or a manual (online) and no charging cable since they only offer a non-tethered option.
It is both a single-phase (7kW) and 3-phase (22kW) charger in one, but it’s still quite pricey at around AU$2000. Although, the colour touch screen display is very nice.

As far as I know, the Victron Charger is the only EV charger that can fully integrate with a Victron off-grid system and enables smart charging controls, so you don’t drain your battery below a preset level. The unit has inbuilt Wifi and is configured via a web portal.

The software is the most important part of this charger. It fully integrates with the Victron VRM system and can be controlled and monitored through any GX device and the VRM. (These images are from an official Victron setup video)

Charger web-based setup - Accessed via Wifi

Web-based monitoring

Victron energy is the best technology in the world. I love it but these products are not available in Pakistan