System and quote review - JA Solar vs Elite Series vs Canadian, Goodwe vs Zeversolar vs Fronius


Just interested to know the difference and which is better set up?
Panel Type No. Panels Inverter size Model
6.6 kW JASolar 315 mono, 21 5 kW Fronius
6.6 kW Elite Series PV modules 24 5 kW SMA Zeversolar Inverter
6.6 kW ET300w/Canadian 285w/Jinko 285w/Risen 285-315w, 22 5 kW Goodwe

Price wise,

  1. 8819 (before rebate and STC)
  2. 5340 (not sure if STC is calculated?)
  3. 7625 (not sure if STC is calculated?)



The first option using the JA solar and Fronius inverter is definitely the best option out of the three. Fronius is the leading inverter on the market and JA is one of top 10 solar panel manufacturers. Also the 315W mono panels from JA solar will perform better than any cheaper 285-300W poly panels.

Most importantly make sure the company who is doing the install is reputable (preferably local) and does not push you into making a decision.



Hi Jason,

Thanks for the respond, that helps! Do you think price for the system at $6,350 is within reason?


Yes that is a reasonable price for a system with high quality components. Just out of interest which state are you in? Also feel free to post some photos once it is installed or even give a shout out to the installer if you feel they did a great job.



I’m in Victoria…:slight_smile:

forgot to mention at the beginning, 6.6kW should be good size for double storey?


Hi @yamate69

Take a look at this chapter for sizing:

Also, you can use the price calculator for checking price:



Hi Marty,

Thanks - that helps!