Suntech 300 W vs LG 350 panels

Hi all,

I have received the following quotes from a reputed central Vic installer

4.8 kw Suntech 300 W panels (x16) + Fronius 4.0 - $8690 (before rebate & STCs)

4.9 kw LG Neon 2 350 panels (x14) + Fronius 4.0 - $ 10246

I have tiled roof and require split arrangement.

Which one would you recommend?

Hi @Von, welcome, and good question.

This article might help you out

Essentially you are choosing between top of the line premium panels, and what we term as ‘value’ panels. This choice largely comes down to personal preference. Do you have the extra $1500 to spend? Would you normally pay an extra ~15% to get top of the range gear?

I would personally probably pay the extra money for the LG panels, because I think I would get $1500 worth of value for them in terms of performance, and reliability, and I generally like to spend more to get gear that I am super confident in. However, I would also feel very comfortable getting the Suntech panels. The alternatives seem to be priced fairly, so whichever way you go you aren’t being ripped off, or getting a ‘deal’.

I know that’s not a decisive answer, but I hope it helps.