Sungrow ABB 5kw Inverter with Jinko Panels


I have been quoted for the following

  • 21 x 300w Jinko Eagle panels
  • 5kw ABB inverter
    Price $5540

Do you think this is a fair price? its a local business so the aftercare would be good and they have also been recommended by a friend.

I also have the option of going with the Sungrow 5kw inverter for $4980. Do you think its worth paying the extra $500 to go with the ABB? Everything i’ve read about the Sungrow inverter is positive.

Appreciate you thoughts.


Hi @ijwhiting

It’s sounds like a pretty good deal.

ABB has had its problems, but appear to be sorting their stuff out. Sungrow is widely seen as the best Chinese inverter in the market, so that could be an option too.

Jinko panels are not bad. Nothing fancy, but not bad.

Price seems good for a local installer that you’re happy with.


Thanks Marty

I’m going with the Sungrow and Jinko panels. I’ll leave a review after the installation.


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Install was done 2 days ago and i couldnt be happier. I am a sparkie and have an eye for detail and the quality of the install could not be better. Very professional company who do the work themseleves and i would highly recommend to family and friends.

Went with the Sungrow inverter with 21 x 300w Jinko panels.

Produced 27kwh on first day after install.

Company is Solar Power Pro and they are based in Wollongong, NSW

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