Solar Quote Review Sydney - Jinko vs Risen vs Canadian vs Trina Solar

Below quotes are for 6.6 kW solar panel system and 6 kW 3 phase inverter (Would you suggest 5 kW would be a better option?) Which offer shall I go for? I thank you all for your kind suggestion in advance.

OFFER: 1 (Premium package Monocrystalline panels with 3-phase Inverter)
Jinko 310W Monocrystalline + Perc
Growatt 6kw Inverter
21 panels ( 21 x 310 W= 6.5 kW)
Fully Installed price $4,250.00

OFFER: 2 (Standard package Monocrystalline panels with 3-phase Inverter)
RISEN 315W Monocrystalline + Perc
Growatt 6kw Inverter
21 panels ( 21 x 315 W= 6.6 kW)
Fully Installed price $3,600.00

OFFER: 3 (Gold package Polycrystalline panels with 3-phase Inverter)
Canadian 285W Polycrystalline
Growatt 6kw Inverter
23 panels ( 23 x 285 W= 6.55 kW)
Fully Installed price $3,150.00
For Fronius European Inverter it would be $1000 extra on the above quote.


  • Supply and install 6.6KW Solar system ( 20 X 330W TRINA SPLITMAX PANELS)
  • Supply and install 6KW Growatt 3 Phase inverter ( comes with WI FI)
  • Fully installed

Price = $3,300.

Hi Royritayan,

These are all budget level systems with a very cheap Growatt inverter. I would recommend requesting a quote with a higher spec inverter such as SMA or Fronius. It’s always worth investing a little more for higher quality components when it comes to solar.

The Jinko panels are my pick of the bunch, Risen are also ok, but I wouldn’t go with the poly panels from Canadian.

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What area are you in @royritayan?

Denham Court, Marty! Thanks!

Finally deciding to go with the following 7.5 kW solar system than 6.6 kW from Solar Power Nation:

23 x Risen Energy Co Ltd Risen 330W

Mono Perc Half Cut Panels Solar Panel 1 x (ABB) Power-One Italy S.p.A ABB 7.5TL - OUTD - 3 Phase Inverter

Installation price: $4050

Would you think this is a good deal and decent reputed products and retailer (Solar Power Nation)?

Thank you!

Hi @royritayan

It’s a pretty cheap system. Have you had a good look through the reviews of this company? I did a quick Google search and found a number of recent ones that were less than glowing let’s say.

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