Solar quote Narara

This is our first quote but seems expensive?
9.4kw system
We use around 24kw p/d

Panels HYUNDAI 390W HiE-S390VG x24
Primary Inverter GOODWE MS 8.5KW 1PH 3MPPT GW8500-MS x1

Total inc after STC Discount $12,821.65
60 Months $101.63 per fortnight

Hi Colin

Where are you?

Central Coast NSW 2250

Hi Colin

Thanks very much. Sounds pretty high. Any options to get more quotes?

Yeah. In the process.

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Hi Sticky
I’m from Kariong.that sounds like my quote,same gear 9.75KW $ it from Econnect Solar.
how did you go with the other quotes
as i’m just starting to do,it’s a minefield