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Hi guys, I am pretty new to Solar system.

i get a quote from Energy Aus, with 6.2kw system, 20 Trina 310w Honey M Plus panel and 20 Enphase ENPIQ7-60-2-INT inverters @ $9699 before rebate, @ $7474 after rebate.

Also get another quote from Bradford, with Neon 2 LG Panel + Solar Edge Inverter w DC optimisers @ around 15,000 or with Canadian Panels around $9000. They do not want to send emails with detail quotation.

My house is South-facing, and I have a pool. My west side of roof has already fulfilled with pool solar system.

Sales from Bradford recommends me to get rid of pool solar system to have best performance for house solar system.

Just wondering should I using Energy Australia’s option or Bradford?

Or any other better suggestion?

Thank you all.

I also have received quote from Solar Engineering, 18 panel 5.67KW solar system with Jinko 315w panel, sungrow inverter for $5099, or SMA inverter for $5,999.

Hi @1988chin

:point_up: That is a red flag for me, I would avoid that one.

I think the other two are quite reasonable quotes. If you are on a budget Jinko and Sungrow is a pretty good ‘value’ combination. However, Trina and Enphase would generally be considered more premium. Is it worth an extra 50% though, it’s hard to say.

Did you do your research on the companies? Which one are you more comfortable with?


Thank you very much on your reply Marty.

I did some research online, the feedbacks on both Energy Aus and Solar engineering are around 4 stars. However, the amount of feedbacks are very low though.
With Energy Australia, my guess is that another company is EA’s subcontractor. Maybe couple years later, EA may decide not to support Solar panels any more. Then it will become a headache.
Do we have any trustful big boys in the industry to recommend?
Appreciate it.

See our Solar Power Melbourne page:

So here is an option for you. Since you said there was a roof space issue, I would suggest the IQ7+ combined with a 72 cell panel. The IQ7+ will reduce the number of panels you require by up to 4, giving you close to the same power out put as the 20 you have been quoted on. The IQ7+ allows for power throughput of up to 295-watts vs the 250-watt maximum of the IQ7 and is slightly more expensive, as are the 72 cell panels, however, they will take up less overall roof space and will require less racking, less cables and less labor to install. I would expect the overall cost will be less and, you may not need to remove the solar pool heater.

We install only Enphase on the coast of Yucatan Mexico and have found they far outperform any string inverter with or without optimizers. In fact, our testing on side by side systems has demonstrated power gains of at least 10% with the Enphase M250 over string inverters with optimizers and, as much as 30% for a normal string inverter. The IQ7+ are way more efficient than the M250 and even the IQ7 and they will improve power output substantially over any string inverter.

Additionally, we have found the optimum size for the IQ7+ is between 360 and 380-watt panels. These allow for the highest power gains with minimal power loss at the top end of the panel wattage.

Hope this is helpful.


I also have another question:

Micro-inverter from Enphase IQ7 and SolarEdge Inverter w DC Optimisers

which one is better?

Can we compare those two or not really?

Please put any replies to this one here in the thread below, so it’s all in one spot. Thanks! Would be great to get your views @mexicansolarguy.

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Hi 1988chin,
20 Lg NeOn2 330w IQ7+ Envoy S metered 6.6kW. $10,000
Just for comparison.

Kind regards

Den Thomson

Sales Manager

Down South Solar Power

Bunbury WA

I’d have to charge you at least 5,000 for the install from here and as for the after sales care plan WELL!!!

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Hi Guys, finally I went to choose a 9.45KW Honey M plus panel and Fronius 8.2 KW inverter with $7,900 out of my own pocket.
Thanks for the feedbacks provided.

Nice one @1988chin. Sounds like a good choice.

Please let us know how it goes, what the installer was like, and some photos would be nice :smile:

Hi Marty,

My system is finally on my roof and running now.
For the past 4 days, it actually gives me great electricity during the day.
I used trina Honey M 315w panels and Fronius 8.0KW inverter.
Technaus is the company I used. Easy to deal with.
But I do have a problem today, I cannot log in to Fronius’s app, but I can log in to website.

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Great to hear @1988chin, thank you for the update :slight_smile:

No worries.

Do you know how to solve the issue i mentioned above?

I have no idea why my app can not work properly now.


No, I’m afraid you’ll need to contact Fronius for help with that one. Could anything from app being down to password issue.


Hi Chin

I had a Customer with the same problem yesterday. Please give it some time to see if they fix the problem. Also check if there is any update for the app and also try deleting the app and re-installing.

Thanks and Best Regards

Ivan Colaço

Thanks mate. I have updated everything for the system.

My system is offline again this morning. I have to reset the wifi setting on the inverter itself again.

And tried to reset the network, when it comes to the page system monitoring, it asks me to provide select user and password, I was totally no idea what it is. Tried to put in the password I set for the system, it did not work.

please let me know if it gets back on normal.