Solar quote Canadian CS3K-300P X 22 Panels Plus Growatt 5000-TL

I am getting Canadian CS3K-300P X 22 Panels Plus Growatt 5000-TL
Price: $5050 Including rebate.

Is it good?

Where do you live? It will depend on that. The only difference is the cost of installation. On the eastern seaboard prices for panels and inverters are very similar everywhere.

I live in Epping (VIC). Another quote i have is Jinko 315 Mono plus Fronius Prima 5kv at $5100 including rebate.

Do you know which rebate they are referring to? Is it the Federal Government STC rebate or the State Government rebate?

That will make a difference.

We are retailers and our price with the Federal Government for Canadian + Growatt would be similar to the price quoted, however, considering there is a price difference of around $1,000+ between Growatt and Fronius and very little difference in price between Canadian and Jinko the price for option 2 seems very low.

If it is including the State rebate then prices quoted are too high.

Cost is $5100-$2225 (VIC Rebate) -$2225 (VIC LOAN) = $650 out of Pocket Upfront. Is that high?

Hi Thisisgagan

Our price would have been $5,500+ so seems very good for option 1. Definitely not worth considering option 1.

Just make sure you get what you are paying for.

Good Luck.

Can u again clarify which option is not worth exactly as per your knowledge pls?

Option 1 - Canadian CS3K-300P X 22 Panels Plus Growatt 5000-T @5050
Option 2 - Jinko 315 Mono plus Fronius Prima 5kv at $5100

Sorry should have said Option 1 is ok but Option 2 is much better and I would go with option 2.

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Agreed, make sure you scrutinise the reviews of the Installer @Thisisgagan. Most important thing is to make sure you work with a really good company.



Many thanks for your responses Marty and Solarnextgen. It was very helpful.
I think i am going with good. I’ll share my experience after it is installed. Just finalized rebate, awaiting approval now.

Good Luck to me…:slight_smile:


Hi may I know who’s your solar installer for option 2 please.

JWS Electricals.