Solar quote - Astroenergy panels & Kehua inverter?

I have a quote of 6.6kw astroenergy panels and Kehua inverters from $8700 what do you say ? Are those inverters any good how would you compare them

Hi Thor!

Kehua inverters are very new to Australia so there is very little information about them. They are definitely one of the cheaper inverters available. Astroenergy are also a lower end panel.

The price seem very high for the lower end inverter and panels? Is this a difficult installation? Do you have a two story roof with many different angle etc?

Do you have more information about the company?

Hi Jason ,
My house is single story and its 20 panels .I dont have much info about the company it’s a local electrician.

Hi ,I have another quote from another solar retailer united solar in Victoria system size 5.3kw seraphim blade 315 w panels and growatt 5kw inverter $7299 before rebates .
Would you rate growatt or Kehua better or delta?

Oh, so the prices you listed are before the rebates? That makes more sense. The prices are very reasonable then. Seraphim are not a bad choice, probably a little better than Astroenergy.

Delta would be my pick out of the three inverter options. Sungrow is also a popular ‘cheaper’ inverter.