Solar quote - 6.6kw SMA w/ Canadian panels

Received an installed price of $4490 for the following:
5KW SMA Inverter with WIFI
22 x Canadian Solar CS3K-300w - 10 year product warranty (Total 6.6KW) Clenergy Mounting System 10 year warranty
Installation and Service 10 year warranty

We are in Swansea NSW. It seems pretty reasonable. What do others think?

Also: a couple of people at work have solar. They recommend buying a larger system than you currently need, the logic being that your use will always increase into the future e.g. elec cars, adding air-conditioning, etc. Our average use is 12.6kWh (May - August), 10.1kWh (Nov-Feb). So perhaps an 8kw would be more appropriate?

Thanks, Chris

Hi @kemmett

That does sound good to me. As long as you are confident in the solar company, I’d be happy to go ahead.

In terms of size, that system will deliver you around 25kWh a day on average throughout the year (assuming it’s facing northish). So, I think it is well and truly big enough.

Hope that helps

Thanks Marty, I appreciate your advice. The company has quoted an additional $620 for the SMA Smart Meter 2.0. Is it worth paying the extra for that option? (I am the kind of guy who likes to look at his home weather station data while at work)